Royal Fresh Cuts offers a wide variety of traditional and specialty zero-prep fruits and vegetable that require no in-house prep from you before use. These offerings are available in a wide variety of cut styles, packages in either plastic 5 lb. trays with absorbers, individual serving trays, or bags.

So why should you use zero-prep produce in your kitchen

Reduction of Waste

With 100% usable product and no variations in yields, the amount of wasted produce going in your garbage is all but eliminated, which also reduces the amount of overall waste and cleaning time. you can order exactly what you need and won’t have to worry about excess product that you have to find something to do with!

Guaranteed Consistency

Our processing will bring you peace of mind by offering a reliable product according to your needs and specifications, at a consistent price. You can anticipate that your produce will have consistent cuts and will maintain tighter specifications than your in-house prep ever could. Whether a custom cut or blending of a proprietary recipe, you’ll get the consistency you require and your customers deserve.

Lower Overall Costs

Reduction of waste automatically translates to cost reduction, but the implications of the zero-prep produce on your bottom line goes much further. The pre-cut produce means that your staff is freed up for other activities, meaning that you and they spend fewer labor hours prepping that can be spent elsewhere. Without the wasted space taken up by unusable, unprepped produce, your storage space goes so much further meaning that you can make less investment in storing items that are only 50% usable. You aren’t paying for the whole product to only use a fraction of it.

Increased Safety

Fresh Cuts focuses on the food safety side so that you can rest assured that your pre-cut produce is coming from a certified and safe facility. On top of that, our processing plant helps dramatically reduce the possibility of incident at your location from produce prep, meaning fewer injuries and lower expenses from medical claims and lost labor.